Savannah Porsche – Roebling Road

aerial-video-savannah-georgia-porsche-vidmuzeOk so we’ve made our way down to Savannah GA to shoot some fast aerial videos.  Meaning it’s time for “Need for Speed!”

Porsche rented a race track in Savannah GA for some of their customers to “test drive” and advance their driving skills so that they could make the most out of their expensive purchase.

So when people ask what do I do for a living, I tell them I chase Porsches with a drone.  It makes for a great conversation, let me tell ya.

After arriving on the race track right as the sun was rising, the dew was still twinkling on the grass, we positioned ourselves on turn #4 to prepare to capture the epic action that was about to zoom our way.

Now some of you may ask, can I keep up with a Porsche who’s screaming around the corner at 90+ mph?  Uh, no… but I can take short cuts that allow me to “keep up.”  As the saying goes, “As the crow flies,” or in this case, as the drone flies.  As the drone pilot, I obviously don’t have to stay over the road, so I take shortcuts that allows us to catch up to the Porsche ripping by!  Longer lenses will add a nice composition compression that gives a much more cinematic and epic feeling to the image.  Will your gimbal op hate shooting with longer lenses?… maybe.  Mine doesn’t though.

We got to fly all day throughout the entire race track.  I will say, shooting aerial video in Savannah GA in the middle of the summer, gets HOT!  Our drones even need to take a “cool down” period.

In the end, the footage was epic, and the client happy.  Job well done everybody!

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