Apple Care Documentary

We were honored to get the call from our clients who were producing a short documentary for Apple on their Apple Care customer support.

apple-care-aerials-vidmuzeWe were to shoot aerial videos in Western NC.  The shots entailed filming talent at a waterfall location and a small pond.  The challenge here was working in such a small space, the base of the waterfall.  So on three sides we have nothing but trees, a drones enemy.  Then one the fourth side we have… water.  Also a drones enemy.  The best part was our launch pad (the only dry patch of sand) was about 2ft x 2ft and had tree limbs 3 ft off the ground.  So I had to take off a few inches off the ground, then carefully slide out over the water before elevating higher.  Then when it was time to land, same process.  This makes life so much fun!  I love droning! (no sarcasm here).

The second location for the day was to shoot aerial video at a camp to capture the beautiful mountain vistas.  Everything was great, except the wind.  We were getting smacked with 15-20mph winds.  This made footage stability a bit challenging.  We were flying the GH4 with Rokinon cinema primes, so our payload was still pretty light.  But in the end, the clients loved the footage.  That’s another one for the books!

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