Cinema Drones

With our Freefly Systems Alta 8 & 6 drone series, we fly heavy cinema cameras for the Film & TV Industries.
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Cable Cam

Cable cam is just another means for camera movement depending on what the shot calls for. We’re equipped with our FlyLine cable cam which provides very precise and repeatable shots in various environments. Click here to learn more.

Black Arm Stablizer

Mounting camera gimbals to vehicles is another of our camera movement specialties. The FlowCine Black Arm is the state of the art vertical stabilizer. Capturing fast moving cinematic imagery is another service we provide our clients. Click here to learn more.

MōVI Operator

Our team has been using MōVIs since 2014, utilizing their ability for camera movement and stability. Our MōVI Operator has a history of being a steadicam operator for many years before entering the gimbal chapter.  Click here to learn more about our MōVI operating and rigs.

Drone Lighting Rig

Camera movement is a powerful tool on it’s own.  However, lighting movement is becoming very popular on set.
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Camera Movement Truck

Having the right tools is one thing, but then having a fully rigged out truck with all of the equipment and tools needed to maintain our camera movement devices, is another. Check out our fully decked camera movement truck.

VidMuze In Action

Let us provide you cutting edge camera movement cinema for your productions!

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