Camera Movement Truck

Our priority is to not only provide our clients the best camera movement gear, but also a custom designed truck with the latest technology to manage all of our camera movement devices.

Custom Features

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    Tools & Backups

    Having the right tools is a must, but we also have backups in case any of our gear has issues. Redundancy is key in this industry, so we can always finish the job.

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    Custom Charging Station

    Having the proper charging power when on set is critical. That’s why we built our own charging station to handle all of our proprietary batteries.

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    On board AC & DC Power

    We have both AC & DC power on board. This includes a DIT station for dumping footage, powering laptops, hard drives and more. We even have a 4K 28″ monitor for video village and for previewing footage.

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    Captain Seats

    We provide two leather comfortable seats for both director and DP to relax while previewing live video feeds or proofing footage.

Promaster Features

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    Dodge Promaster 2500

    Powerful and responsive, Dodge Ram ProMaster features a front-wheel-drive system that allows for impressive traction and mobility on the road.

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    Eco Diesel

    Our Eco Diesel engine allows for up to 25mpg, which provides practical long distance traveling.

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    Cargo Space

    Our 2500 series provides over 406 cubic feet of cargo space. Along with plenty of space, we also have a 6′ 4″ ceiling, making building gear inside quite efficient.

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    Transport Crew

    We travel with three crew members. The more we travel on the road, the more money we save our clients on airfare.