Continental Kayaking with Nick Troutman

Our latest gig was to shoot aerial videos for the “For What You Do” show (#forwhatyoudo), hosted by Andrea Boehlke.  This episode was with world class kayaker, Nick Troutman.  The location to shoot aerial video was on the Green River in Hendersonville, NC.

#River shots with #Alta for #TV #show. #aerialcinema #aerialvideo #vidmuze #freefly #freeflyalta #movi @freeflysystems @tattubattery @suttlefilm @the___ryanThe shots were fairly simple.  Most of the shots were down near the river.  I was piloting our Alta 6 heavy lifter.  With a airframe width of almost 5 feet wide, flying 4 feet off the river in tight spaces makes for flight precision a requirement.  This is when using longer lenses really helps allow for more epic footage with less drone movement.  I simple trick we use quite often in tight spaces.

This is where having the proper gear really comes into play.  The Freefly Systems Alta has been tailored towards filmmakers.  One feature I use often is “vario control.”  This is when I can adjust sliders on my transmitter radio that allows for more precise elevation and pitch movements.  Highly needed when flying with long lenses.  Having the ability for subtle movement, keeps the drone flying methodically, which prevents harsh camera movement changes.  This really helps James, our gimbal operator hold the long lens shot.

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