Moto Crane Ultra

Half of our team members have been in the Film and TV industries for over 18 years.  This experience enables our team to be dialed on knowing how to execute a cinematic and dynamic shot.

Over these years we have been able to learn various types of camera movement.  We know what works and what doesn’t work.


Moto Crane Ultra

ULTRA handles off-road, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures with ease.

The new arm design features adjustable passive 3-axis nose dampening to isolate the head and camera package for buttery-smooth, rock-solid image stabilization.

IP66 rated. Rain and dust proof.

Constructed of 7075 and 6061-T6 aluminum for the highest strength to weight ratio of any compact arm.

Creative Freedom

One of our main priorities is to give our clients full creativity.  For this very reason, we only fly heavy lifter drones.  By doing this, this provides three main areas of creative freedom.

Supported Gimbals

  • MoVI Pro
  • MoVI XL
  • Ronin 2
  • Shot Over
  • Power

    Moto Crane Ultra runs on a 50 volt DC system, allowing us to operate all day.


    Moto Crane Ultra can carry 55 lbs. (25kgs) cinema camera packages.

    Full 360 Swings

    Moto Crane Ultra allows for full 360 degree continuous swings from a process vehicle.

    With close to 500 lbs of torque with the swing, Ultra doesn’t flinch when carrying heavy camera packages.

    Boom Arm Length

    Moto Crane Ultra allows for us to position the camera as low as a few inches off of the ground and as high as 12ft in the air.

    With Moto Crane’s insane engineering team, there is 900 lbs of torque on the lift.

    Breakneck Speeds

    Moto Crane Ultra allows us to be speeding up to 100 mph with no swinging or lifting limitations.

    Keeping up with the action certainly can be accomplished with these speeds.