Nissan | Eric Jackson

We had the privilege to work under director Steve Fisher, and help capture the movement footage for this epic Nissan spot, featuring world class kayaker, Eric Jackson.

The shoot took place in the beautiful mountains of Chattanooga TN.  The leaves were just starting to change with the cooler October air.


Prepping the black arm.

This Nissan spot focused on Eric Jackson’s everyday activities, while seeing him utilize his Nissan Titan.  Some of these activities included working with his family, to kayaking, to fishing, to going to work.

Filmmaker: Steve Fisher

This was our second project working with filmmaker Steve Fisher, from South Africa.  Steve is what I would describe as an “epic adventurer.”  He came from the world class kayaker background, while paddling all over the world for years.  Adventure is in his blood.  So when combining adventure, along with Steve’s cinematography abilities, this allows him to direct and produce some epic content.  Working with Steve is always great because he knows what shots work, while giving us creative freedom.

Our mission for this project was to capture all “movement” shots.  This allowed us to use some of our creative tools, including our Alta 8 drones, Flowcine Black Arm and certainly our MoVI Pro ground gimbals.

We flew our Alta 8 drone, which carried our Red Scarlet-W camera.  We also used our black arm which is an incredible tool that allows us to mount our MoVI Pro gimbal to a truck and capture cinematic imagery from a moving vehicle.

Utilizing these movement tools, combined with Fisher’s vision, while filming Eric Jackson… the footage was always epic!

Bottom from left: Steve, Mike, Eric
Top from left: Grant, Ryan