Mike Gentilini, Jr.
Chief Pilot & Cinematographer

Mike is the founder and owner of VidMuze Cinema.

Mike has been piloting RC aircraft since he was a teenager, and began pursuing filmmaking even earlier. In 2012, he started pairing his passion for Camera Operating with the new technology of multirotor drones, and since then he has expanded to specializing in an array of camera movement tools. Mike’s filmmaking experience and eye for cinematography keeps his team in sync, maximizing efficiency and producing the best possible shots.

Ryan Atkins
Camera Operator & 1st AC

Ryan has been with VidMuze Cinema since the beginning, getting to know drones from the ground up as a Safety Officer before transitioning to the team’s primary Gimbal Operator. For cable cam and car mount work, he puts his years of feature and commercial focus pulling experience to use as the 1st AC. Ryan and Mike benefit from the communication and synchronization of nearly a decade of working together.

Grant Pauley
Safety Officer & Cable Cam Operator

Grant is the support system of the team, making sure things run smoothly and efficiently behind the scenes. As a Safety Officer for drone projects, he completes Mike’s field of view while in the air and maintains safety for the public, the crew, and the gear. Grant also lends a finessed hand to operating the cable cam trolley and uses his Gripping experience on car mount rigs.

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