Thomas Built Buses – High Point

Now this aerial video shoot in High Point, NC was fun.  We got to shoot aerials for Thomas Built Buses.  So who is Thomas Built Buses you might ask… they’re only the sole company who mass produces all of the school buses in the entire country… that’s all.  A very impressive facility to say the least, and filming the sky… way cooler!

aerial-video-high-point-nc-thomas-built-busesThe day consisted of flying in some neighborhoods located right on the outskirts of High Point.  Aerial video was captured of school buses entering into the neighborhood to pick up some kids.  Golden hour with school buses, plus a drone… pretty epic!  We worked directly with Element Studios who produced the commercial for Thomas Built Buses.  One of the main producers had his work cut out for him as he went door to door asking permission from each person to discuss the aerial footage we would be capturing right outside their front door.  According to the producer, everyone warmer accepted and had no problems.  Brilliant!  That’s what we love to hear.

After wrapping up the High Point neighborhoods, we headed over to the main Thomas Built Buses factory.  The aerials we captured were pretty sweet.  I mean come on… it’s not every day I get to fly over 5 acres of buses all at once!

Fun fact… the producer told us that Thomas Built Buses produces like 50 buses per day.  Insane!

So that was a wrap in High Point, NC.  Good times!

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