Venom 2018

Behind the scenes on Venom.

My team and I were fortunate enough to be one of the drone teams to pose as “picture drones,” in the feature film Venom (2018).  Sony needed two drones to carry bright LED rigs to pose as autonomous drones throughout a scene involving a spaceship crash-site.  Our job was to have our drone look cool on screen as well as supply some dynamic lighting.  Mission accomplished!

Our team assembled a 9 light LED array which produces 126,000 lumens.  The rig sits in one of our gimbals.  This allows the light rig to be stable in the air as well as point-able.  This allows us to remotely strike the LED rig on and off, as well as pan and tilt the light in the direction we need to point the light.  The system really worked well!

LED aerial rigs are becoming more and more popular on set.  The flexibility and versatility continues to increase all the time it seems.

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